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Bradford, VT 05033



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  • We offer some gluten free options. We have gluten free rolls that can be used for hot sandwiches and burgers. Also, we have a gluten free pizza crust. 

  • While we offer gluten free options, it's very important to remember that we are NOT a gluten free kitchen. All of our gluten free products come to us sealed in packages that we do not open until we are making your order. Plus, we use clean utensils and have a pizza cutter that we ONLY use on our gluten free pizza...BUT, we still cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination. You as a consumer need to know your sensitivity limits and decide if it's worth the risk for you. We have many gluten free customers who come to us regularly, and none of them have reported any issues, but you still need to be aware that there is still a risk of getting "glutened".

  • ​We are as concerned about the environment as you are, so we've began to switch over our take-out containers to biodegradable options. We've already started using some of them and anticipate we'll be changing over our other containers soon. Also, you may have noticed that our pizza boxes are unbleached as well.